Video Testimonials

Mark Blair · Minister Of Music · Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

When you look up EXCELLENCE and TEAM in the dictionary it should say Celebration Concert Tours! Never before have I seen an organization do what they do as efficiently and with such care for people as CCT. It is obvious they love the Lord and that their love for Him and people give them great passion in their ministry! I always count it a blessing when I get to experience one of those “God-moments” in ministry that was very clearly ordained, planned, and blessed by the Lord. You know when that’s happening because of the ministry moments that occur and the way lives are changed. The Bellevue Choir and Orchestra just experienced 5 days of that on our New York Worship Celebration trip with Celebration Concert Tours. Our people were able to be ministry focused and we saw the Lord do amazing things in our midst. I truly believe a big reason for all of that was the incredible heart for ministry and professional excellence displayed by Phil Barfoot and his team! From the initial roll-out meeting through the last person’s arrival back in Memphis, CCT was on top of every detail. Their attention to detail is over-the-top and their experience with group travel shows in every decision. As a leader, I needed to know that my people were going to be cared for. With CCT, I always knew they were in great hands. The attention to group needs was constantly monitored but they didn’t overlook individual needs in the process! Our group fell in love with the CCT staff almost immediately. If you’re considering taking your group on a ministry trip (and you should), you definitely want to work with Phil Barfoot and Celebration Concert Tours. You’ll hear from your folks what I’ve heard too many times to count, “My life will never be the same because of this trip. Praise God for Phil and his team!”

Mike Parks · Associate Pastor - Worship Green Acres · Baptist Church, Tyler, TX

Phil Barfoot, along with his staff and team at Celebration Concert Tours are simply the best at what they do. They are professional, organized, extremely easy to work with, and will do exactly what they say. Every detail is handled with a high degree of integrity and excellence. The concerts and ministry events are powerful, creative, well planned, and a tremendous blessing to all involved. I highly recommend Celebration Concert Tours. After participation in one of their exciting ministry projects, your choir and ministry team will never be the same.

Scott White · Woodstock, GA

It is with great excitement that I write to tell you about Celebration Concert Tours! Recently, 280+ of my members & I enjoyed the incredible heart, work & ministry of this great company. The entire staff are dedicated to making sure the “client” is truly taken care of! From the very beginning through the final hour, my folks and I were handled with “TLC” like we have never experienced before! If you are looking for an opportunity for your choir & orchestra to travel together, hands down I would recommend CCT. They are “Topshelf” in EVERY way! Use them…I did, and plan to do so again!

Mike Harland · Director, Lifeway Worship · Nashville, TN

Listen... if you want to take your choir somewhere for an experience of ministry outside the church walls, there is nobody, and I mean nobody better at that than Phil Barfoot and the folks at Celebration Concert Tours!

Pastor Johnny Hunt · First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

I’m grateful for the day that the Lord allowed my path to cross with Phil Barfoot! When I think about Celebration Concert Tours and how God is using this ministry, it blesses me! When my Minister of Music decided that he wanted to take our choir and orchestra to New York City for some real honors being able to go to Carnegie Hall and minister and then to go over to Brooklyn Tab we needed someone to really set that up and Phil Barfoot was the man. He did a fabulous job! That’s why we are using him for Hawaii! There are over 100 of us out of our church family that are going to vacation together! You will be very overwhelmed by how Phil takes care of you at every angle concerning the trip. Very personable, right there with us taking care of any hiccups that may come! So, I’m grateful for Phil Barfoot! I would encourage you to do like we at First Baptist Church Woodstock have done, like I have done and my staff have done, reach out to them and see how they can help your fellowship. By the way, he’s got a lot of existing tours that are taking place and you could just join right in on some of his tours and just bring your people right along and that would be a great joy. We’re doing that as well! Call me personally if I can be of any help to you to say more about our experience!

Herb Armentrout · Minister of Music, Broadmoor Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA

Our choir had a great time traveling with Celebration Concert Tours for the DC Worship Project in Washington DC! The concert venues were well chosen and great in terms of presenting the gospel in our Nation’s Capitol. The opportunity we had to tour the capitol building and worship there was unforgettable! The attention to detail during the trip was great from Phil and his team! They were well-prepared and gracious to all of the tour participants. In regards to CCT, one thing stands out above all the rest – the personal touch! Phil and Sheri made it a regular practice to mingle with and greet everyone every time we were together! That was special when so much is happening on a trip! Our choir immensely enjoyed the opportunity to partner with other choirs, to worship the Savior and share His love with people in Washington DC!