Worship Over Washington – Oklahoma Singing Churchmen and Singing Churchwomen and Oklahoma Baptist Symphony Orchestra (Day 4)

Well – it’s a wrap! Spectacular ministry trip to Washington DC with great friend Dr. Randy Lind and The Singing Churchmen and Singing ChurchWomen and The Oklahoma Baptist Symphony Orchestra!
Concerts at Kennedy Center, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Immanuel Bible Church with good friends David Jones and Roger McGee and their choirs, worship and praise service in the House of Representatives and Rotunda, lunch cruise around the Potomac, dinner in the Capitol Hill Club, A police escort through bumper to bumper traffic for all nine buses, World-Class sightseeing throughout all of DC!
These are some awesome, wonderful people…all 430 of them! Thanks for your ministry all over DC! To God be the glory!!! Now – on to Hawaii today with great friends Scott and Millie White and Pastor Johnny and Janet Hunt for Woodstock at Waikiki! ALOHA!!!