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First Baptist Tillman’s Corner & Cottage Hill Baptist Church – Mobile, Alabama

Had a blast last night in Mobile with great friends Tommy Quinn (FBC Tillman’s Corner) and Alan Fath (Cottage Hill Baptist) and their awesome choirs announcing THE DC WORSHIP PROJECT in DC next September. 6 great churches on this trip- Looks like 200-300 coming! Gonna be great!!!

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Amarillo Community Chorale

Great time tonight with my good friend of many years, Darrell Bledsoe and the Amarillo Community Chorale! Looking forward to Worship in New York next May/June at Carnegie Hall with this Chorale and 300 of their closest friends from 6 great choirs across America! Featured artists will be Phillips, Craig and Dean, Travis Cottrell and Marcia Ware!


Whitesburg Baptist Church – Huntsville, Alabama

Great to be with wonderful friends Rick and Rosemary Stone and their awesome choir at Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville! Made the announcement about Worship in New York next May with Phillips, Craig and Dean, Travis Cottrell and Marcia Ware at Carnegie Hall. Can’t wait!

Best of Italy – Champion Forest Baptist Church

5th and final concert in Rome at Santa Maria Del Popolo to a packed house was powerful and anointed! Great job to Brent and Jill Dyer, Pastor and Beverly Fleming and all the great folks in the Champion Forest Worship Choir for an extraordinary trip full of world-class sightseeing and ministry! Last day in Rome took us to the Vatican and a fun, free afternoon to explore Rome followed by a first-class Farewell Dinner!

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Incredible time and ministry in Orvieto and Rome! Pompeii- here we come!

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Another spectacular day with Brent and Jill Dyer and The Champion Forest Worship Choir in my favorite city…Venice! Full day of world-class sightseeing followed by a wonderful concert at The Church of San Francesco Della Vigna! Great teaching by Pastor David Fleming!

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Day 4 and 5 included Pisa, Lucca, an extraordinary concert in Monticitini, Verona, and great Bible teaching by Pastor David Fleming. Brent and Jill Dyer and the entire Champion Forest Choir are AMAZING!

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Day 3 in Florence with Champion Forest was AMAZING! World-class sightseeing and an outstanding ministry concert last night to a packed house at the Cathedral of San Filippo Neri! Great to have Pastor David Fleming and Beverly teaching everyday!

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Awesome Day 2 on THE BEST OF ITALY trip with Brent and Jill Dyer and The Champion Forest Worship Choir included one of the coolest places on the planet… CINQUE TERRE! Off today for sightseeing and concert in Florence!

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Awesome first day of the Best of Italy trip with great friends Brent and Jill Dyer, Pastor David and Beverly Fleming and the Champion Forest Baptist Church Music Ministries! Sienna today, Cinque Terra tomorrow!!! Appreciate your prayers for an incredible and life-changing trip for all! See YOU in Monticitini!!!

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First Baptist Dallas prepares for New York Worship Celebration, June 5-9, 2016!

What a day! With 2 of our best friends on the planet, Dr. Doran and Kristie Bugg, Sunday Morning Worship and tonight’s Orientation for The New York Worship Celebration with Ministry Concerts at Carnegie Hall (June 8) with Sandi Patty and Brooklyn Tab (June 7), all with the awesome Choir and Orchestra from FBC Dallas! See you in NYC with 285 of our best friends from FBC Dallas!11203119_906368116071979_2659035477052489965_n



FBC Hendersonville Announces Christmas in New York 2016!

Had a blast last night with my good friends Greg and Melanie Crane and the Worship Choir at FBC Hendersonville, Tn!

A bunch of folks signed up for the 6th Annual Christmas in New York 2016 with Denver and The Mile High Orchestra, Travis Cottrell, Marcia Ware and the 400 voice American Festival Choir!

10 choirs already signed up – more are welcome! Carnegie Hall here we come!


University of Mobile announces 2016 New York Missions Outreach!

What a night! Great time yesterday at the Spring Spectacular at the University of Mobile with our wonderful friends Dr. Roger and Linda Breland, Dr. Al Miller and the entire faculty and students from the Center for the Performing Arts at UM! This place is amazing! Some of the finest Christian talent and quality young people in America!

Made the big announcement and signed up a bunch of students for the New York Missions Outreach ministry trip during spring break 2016.

Gonna be an incredible trip with all the choirs, ensembles and instrumental groups from the Center for Performing Arts with ministry concerts at the Town Hall theater on Broadway, Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Tabernacle etc., etc.

Can’t wait!



Woodstock Baptist Church Announces 2016 New York Worship Trip!

Sheri and I had an incredible night last night with our good friends Scott and Millie White, Pastor Johnny Hunt and the awesome Worship Choir and Orchestra from FBC Woodstock, Georgia! Over 300 signed on for the Woodstock Worship NYC ministry trip in June 2016 with Jason Crabb at Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Tab! Gonna be great!

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Announcing Bellevue Baptist Church New York Worship Celebration 2016!

Awesome time on our site visit to The Big Apple with great friends, Mark and Mardi Blair, Ministers of Music at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis! All details are in place for The New York Worship Celebration Ministry Trip in June 2016 with the Bellevue Choir and Orchestra and Natalie Grant at Carnegie Hall! 297 already registered!



Champion Forest – Italy Announcement!

Super time last night in Houston with my great friends Brent and Jill Dyer and the awesome Worship Choir from Champion Forest Baptist Church! Made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about the CHAMPION FOREST BEST OF ITALY trip in July, 2016! Gonna be great- can’t wait!


First Baptist Church Houston – New York Mission Tour Announcement!

So excited to be partnering with my good friend John Bolin and the awesome choir and orchestra from First Baptist Church Houston for the New York Mission Tour and Outreach in June! Going to be a life-changing ministry trip!1532058_780171158729080_5520780136455030020_n

Worship Over Washington Announcement!

Awesome night last night with my great friend Mike Parks, his wife Jo and 400 of my closest friends in the Celebration Choir and Orchestra at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas! Made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about their major outreach ministry trip in September of 2016 called Worship Over Washington! Special thanks to Congressman Louie Gohmert for all his support and help and to Mike Parks for his vision for this extraordinary outreach!

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