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FBC Woodstock- Atlanta Christmas Musical 2016

Awesome time last weekend with great friends Scott and Millie White and Pastor Johnny Hunt at FBC Woodstock for their Atlanta Christmas Musical! Great job to all!






Songwriting with Rebecca Peck and Dr. Randy Lind!

Great time writing last week with the awesome Rebecca Peck and Dr. Randy Lind, Conductor of the Singing Churchmen and Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma! We wrote a song titled A Legacy of Faith in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Falls Creek Conference Center in Oklahoma. This great choir will record it and the anthem will be released from LifeWay Worship in September!


6th Annual Christmas in New York featuring Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, Travis Cottrell, and Marcia Ware

One of the things I love the most about Christmas in New York is the fact that each minister of music has the opportunity to conduct on the podium at Carnegie Hall! Or… in my case, try out some new disco moves.




Just wrapped up the two final days of The Sixth Annual Christmas in New York Ministry Trip (except for those staying for the extension through Friday)! Special thanks to each minister of music and participant that came on this trip! Thanks also to the great CCT Staff for their incredible hospitality to one and all! See you next year… with Point of Grace and Charles Billingsley!
















Two extraordinary days this weekend on the Christmas in New York trip! An incredible, anointed rehearsal yesterday with 350 awesome folks, dinner cruise last night, Brooklyn Tab this morning, dinner with the Ministers of Music tonight, Carnegie Hall tomorrow night to a packed house! Appreciate your prayers!













Our incredible Celebration Concert Tours staff just finished our final detail meeting with the awesome staff of the Crowne Plaza Times Square! Ready to welcome 350 of our best friends tomorrow from all across America- 16 choirs from 9 states for the Sixth Annual Christmas in New York! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!


Brent, Jill and Kate Dyer- Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston TX

Awesome time last night in Houston with some of our best friends on the planet- Brent and Jill Dyer and their daughter Kate. Planning two great projects – A Christmas Collection arranged by Bradley Knight to be released by LifeWay and an incredible ministry trip to be announced soon. Love these guys!


Houston’s First Baptist Church Visit

Great time today with wonderful friends John and Paige Bolin (and kids) at Houston’s First Baptist Church! Did the orientation for Christmas in the Holy Land with the Bolin Brothers, Jeff Stotts and Rob Veal! We leave in 44 days. Can’t wait!




Emerald Coast Fellowship in Panama City, FL

Awesome time last night with great friends Clay and Laura Owens and the incredible folks in the choir and orchestra at Emerald Coast Fellowship in Panama City! Announced The 7th Annual Christmas in New York with Point of Grace, Charles Billingsley, Marcia Ware and The American Festival Choir in November 2017 in NYC and Carnegie Hall! Gonna be great!



Worship Over Washington – Green Acres Baptist Church

Really proud of our awesome staff at Celebration Concert Tours! They are the best!Special thanks to Mike Parks and his awesome choir and orchestra from Green Acres Baptist Church for allowing us to partner with you on Worship Over Washington!
I believe all of us are leaving here with our lives changed in a major way!
If you’ve had a great experience with the CCT staff – please let us know.

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A few more pictures from Worship Over Washington.

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Can’t believe Worship Over Washington is almost over! Sunday included a prayer walk around the White House, a two hour worship concert in David’s tent on the national mall and a powerful worship concert last night at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield Virginia with Clint Shondelmyer, David Jones, the Immanuel Bible Church Choir and the Green Acres Choir and Orchestra with Mike Parks and Jo Parks! To God be the glory!

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Another extraordinary day in DC! Guided tours of the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, lunch at Union Station, Dinner Cruise around The Potomac, incredible sightseeing throughout the city!!!

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The most amazing day in DC with Mike and Jo Parks and the Green Acres Baptist Church Choir and Orchestra from Tyler Texas! Started the day at Arlington Cemetery, performed a concert at the World War II monument, visited The Smithsonian museums in the afternoon, enjoyed an incredible meal at the Capitol Hill Club and topped it off with an extraordinary worship and prayer time in the House of Representatives, Senate and Rotunda. Life-changing day for all! Special thanks to Congressman Louis Gohmert for making it all happen!

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WOW- What a day! Picked up 290 folks at the airport, brought them to the hotel, checked them in, had our opening welcome banquet and kicked off an extraordinary week in our nation’s capital – Worship Over Washington (WOW) with Mike and Jo Parks, Congressman Louis Gohmert and his wife Kathy and 290 good-looking, talented, awesome, happy, wonderful folks from the Choir and Orchestra of Green Acres Baptist Church – Tyler, Texas! Great to have our great friends Dr. Doran Bugg and Jarrod Blackstock from FBC Dallas with us! Awesome job, CCT staff! Let’s do this thing!

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The awesome Staff of Celebration Concert Tours anxiously awaiting 290 of our closest friends from Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler Texas flying into DC tomorrow! Safe travels to Mike and JoParks and the whole gang! Can’t wait!!!


6th Annual Christmas in New York– Carnegie Tickets are on sale NOW!

Tickets went on sale today for the 6th Annual Christmas in New York with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, Travis Cottrell, Marcia Ware and The American Festival Choir!

350 singers from 16 churches across America!

To receive a 20% discount when purchasing tickets, use code CCT25208.




CCT Fall Staff Retreat

Great fall kick off party last Friday night with the super staff of Celebration Concert Tours! Love these guys! Looking forward to three more amazing trips this fall to Washington DC, New York City and Israel

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First Baptist Tillman’s Corner & Cottage Hill Baptist Church – Mobile, Alabama

Had a blast last night in Mobile with great friends Tommy Quinn (FBC Tillman’s Corner) and Alan Fath (Cottage Hill Baptist) and their awesome choirs announcing THE DC WORSHIP PROJECT in DC next September. 6 great churches on this trip- Looks like 200-300 coming! Gonna be great!!!

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Amarillo Community Chorale

Great time tonight with my good friend of many years, Darrell Bledsoe and the Amarillo Community Chorale! Looking forward to Worship in New York next May/June at Carnegie Hall with this Chorale and 300 of their closest friends from 6 great choirs across America! Featured artists will be Phillips, Craig and Dean, Travis Cottrell and Marcia Ware!