The Best of Britain – Day 1

Incredible first day on The Best of Britain trip with a visit to John Wesley’s home and Chapel where he preached his first sermon and where Charles Wesley wrote many of the hymns we sing today! Sang some well-known Wesley hymns topped off by a sermon by the man himself – John Wesley! What a day!

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Final Day – Worship in Bethlehem

Our last day in the Holy Land, finishing up in Nazareth, great worship time and teaching time by Gary Mathena at Mount Carmel, the Plain of Armageddon, Caesarea Maritime and ending in Jaffa.

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Worship in Bethlehem – Day 6

Today in Israel… Renewal of vows in Cana, Worship and teaching at the Mt. Of Beatitudes, Saint Peter’s fish, Teaching and worship on the Sea of Galilee, Baptismal service in the Jordan River and Farewell service at our hotel. Incredible times of worship and ministry!11201898_932833836758740_8676904739587271210_n 10570395_932833753425415_2525666358757557745_n 10407706_932833686758755_5686830005391384635_n 1978911_932833713425419_9048820532747224752_n 10995577_932833940092063_3551959108306581043_n 10390467_932833986758725_4188332911921159000_n 11036987_932833886758735_8293497881167425976_n

Worship in Bethlehem – Day 4

Another incredible day in The Holy Land with 65 of our closest friends from Virginia, California and Alaska, along with my awesome friends, Mike Harland, Dale Wilbur and Dr. Gary Mathena.
Today- Dome of the Rock, Qumran, a refreshing swim in the Dead Sea and fun in the pool at our world-class hotel!


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Worship in Bethlehem – Day 3

Day 3 on THE WORSHIP IN BETHLEHEM trip…Ministry at 3 awesome churches in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, explored the Via Dolorosa, Pools of Bethesda, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Stations of the Cross, Wailing Wall, Worshiped at Saint Anne’s Church topped off with an incredible meal at The Grotto and a very emotional Christmas Candlelight Worship Service in the shepherds cave led by Tommy Walker and Dale Wilbur.
Off tomorrow for the Dome of the Rock, Qumran, Dead Sea visit and swim followed by a free afternoon and evening at our new hotel. Gonna be great!549401_931192910256166_2153413501045823290_n 10359167_931193043589486_3824988680583387723_n 19010_931193120256145_535639537832043795_n

Worship in Bethlehem update

The Worship in Bethlehem Conference is now history! Thanks to all for an incredible time of renewal, refreshing, recharging and spiritual encouragement! Tommy Walker and all our speakers were amazing!
Off to minister in 3 churches tomorrow and then on to the Via Dolorosa, wailing wall, old city of Jerusalem, pools of Bethesda etc!

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International Worship Conference at Bethlehem Bible College

Thanks for your prayers- THE FIRST-EVER INTERNATIONAL WORSHIP CONFERENCE IN BETHLEHEM is off and running! A packed house is being ministered to by our Keynote Speakers- Dr. Jack Sara, Tommy Walker, Mike Harland, Dr. Gary Mathena and Dale Wilbur. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

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Day 1 of Worship in Bethlehem!

Wow! What a great kick-off rehearsal tonight in the little town of Bethlehem with Tommy Walker, Dale Wilbur and the International Celebration Choir!

Manger Square- Here we come! Tomorrow night at 6pm!

Check out the view of Bethlehem from our room!

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FBC Dallas Choir and Orchestra at Carnegie Hall!

Spectacular evening of celebration and praise at Carnegie Hall last night with Sandi Patty and the FBC Dallas Choir and Orchestra, under the direction of the awesome Dr. Doran Bugg!

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FBC Dallas at Brooklyn Tabernacle!

Incredible day of worship as Dr. Jeffress preached and Dr. Doran Bugg and The FBC Dallas Choir and Orchestra ministered at the great Brooklyn Tabernacle! Thanks to Carol Cymbala for her ministry to all of us before the service!

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FBC Dallas – NYC Worship Celebration

The happy and awesome CCT staff just arrived in NYC getting ready to host over 300 of our best friends from FBC Dallas choir and orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Doran Bugg! Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Tab – here we come!


Orientation complete for the Best of Britain with Charles Billingsley!

These happy people are headed to Britain in July for THE BEST OF BRITAIN with Charles Billingsley! Great time at the orientation/rehearsal today with great friends, Dr. Ron and Miska Upton, John Beall and the awesome choirs from Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa and Faith Fellowship in Melbourne. Can’t wait!10986508_918911408150983_8261748555821520503_n