Site visit for Lone Star Tour with Georgia Festival Choir!

Great day today on a site visit with David Scott for the Lone Star Tour in April 2016 with the Georgia Festival Chorus.

First stop- President George W. Bush’s home church – Highland Park United Methodist church on the campus of SMU in Dallas.

Next stop-George’s restaurant in Waco- incredible down home cookin’! Looking forward to concerts in April at Highland Park and on the campus of Baylor!

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Olive Baptist Church – Christmas in New York 2016 Announcement

Great day yesterday with good friends Jon and Angie Tyner and the awesome Olive Choir at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola! Looking forward to Christmas in New York 2016!

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The Best of Britain – Final Day

Our last full day on The Best of Britain trip was a great one! Took an extended tour of London and saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, had our final ministry concert at Southwark Cathedral in London, had a wonderful farewell dinner and headed off to Harrods for some last-minute shopping! Thanks again to my awesome friends Dr. Ron and Miska Upton, John Beall, Charles Billingsley and the entire American Festival Choir for an incredible trip full of great ministry, sightseeing and making a difference for Christ in Britain!

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The Best of Britain – Day 6

Another great day in Britain! First stop – Kensington Palace, Second stop-Westminster Abby, Third stop-Parliament and Big Ben, Fourth stop- The London Eye, Fifth stop- The new musical… SINATRA! Incredibly well done, using all original footage of him with live Big Band!

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TBN Concert with Charles Billingsley

One of the most incredible nights of worship I have ever been a part of! The very first Trinity Broadcasting Network (Europe) Praise the Lord TV Special featuring a full choir! Thanks to Charles Billingsley, Ron Upton, John Beall and our good friends at TBN for the privilege of bringing Choir-Led Worship to Europe! Soli Deo Gloria!!!

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The Best of Britain – Day 4

Grateful for another incredible day in London! Had the privilege of ministering tonight at the historic Kensington Temple, where God moved in a mighty way! Enjoyed St. Paul’s Cathedral,the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels this morning!

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The Best of Britain – Day 2

Day 3 was AMAZING with the opportunity of ministering to a nearly capacity crowd at Saint Mary the Virgin Cathedral in Oxford…a very emotional time of ministry!
Lunch was Fish and Chips at the “Eagle and Child” pub where CS Lewis and Tolkien would discuss their new books over lunch. Three hours of of free time exploring Oxford and then arrived in London tonight.
Couldn’t resist going to Abby Studios tonight where the Beatles recorded and have a little fun with the guys!

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The Best of Britain – Day 2

Another awesome day as we explored the wonderful city of Bath, toured the Roman Baths and did a ministry concert with Charles Billingsley in the beautiful, historic Bath Abbey Cathedral! Had the chance to share the gospel and pray over some people attending the concert-incredible time of ministry! All topped off with a free afternoon in Bath and a superb dinner back at our awesome hotel in Bristol! … And to all a good night!!!

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The Best of Britain – Day 1

Incredible first day on The Best of Britain trip with a visit to John Wesley’s home and Chapel where he preached his first sermon and where Charles Wesley wrote many of the hymns we sing today! Sang some well-known Wesley hymns topped off by a sermon by the man himself – John Wesley! What a day!

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Final Day – Worship in Bethlehem

Our last day in the Holy Land, finishing up in Nazareth, great worship time and teaching time by Gary Mathena at Mount Carmel, the Plain of Armageddon, Caesarea Maritime and ending in Jaffa.

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Worship in Bethlehem – Day 6

Today in Israel… Renewal of vows in Cana, Worship and teaching at the Mt. Of Beatitudes, Saint Peter’s fish, Teaching and worship on the Sea of Galilee, Baptismal service in the Jordan River and Farewell service at our hotel. Incredible times of worship and ministry!11201898_932833836758740_8676904739587271210_n 10570395_932833753425415_2525666358757557745_n 10407706_932833686758755_5686830005391384635_n 1978911_932833713425419_9048820532747224752_n 10995577_932833940092063_3551959108306581043_n 10390467_932833986758725_4188332911921159000_n 11036987_932833886758735_8293497881167425976_n