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Two Great Days in Verona and Venice

Wow! Two awesome days on the Discover Italy ministry trip as we visited beautiful Verona and Venice, ending last night with a wonderful opportunity of singing for mass at the world famous St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice! On the bus now going to Orvieto for a concert and then on to Rome this evening!
Thanks to Kevin Price, Gary and Ron Matthews and Randy Woods, the choir is alive and well in Italy!


Another Awesome Day in Italy

Another awesome day in Italy with the Discovery Italy tour! Explored Pisa, Lucca and ended the day with an outdoor concert at Montecatini Terme, followed by a great meal together! Off to Venice today!


Discover Italy Ministry Trip is Up and Running

Discover Italy Ministry Trip is up and running in full force with a trip to Florence yesterday ending last night with a Ministry concert to a packed house at the Oratorio of San Filipino Nero. Today is Pisa/ Lucca with an outdoor concert tonight in Monticatini!
Special thanks to Kevin Price, Gary Matthews, Ron Matthews and Randy Woods for their great leadership on this awesome trip!


Discover Italy Ministry trip is Off to a Running Start

The Discover Italy Ministry trip is off to a running

start with 170 of our best friends from all across America!

Great day today in one of my favorite places on the planet…Cinque Terre!

Special thanks to wonderful friends and the ministers of music on this awesome trip…
Gary and Martha Matthews – Christ Memorial Church, Holland, Michigan; Kevin and Chris Price, First Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Ron and Pam Matthews, Eastern University; and Randy and Karen Woods, Shell Point Village Church, Ft. Myers, Florida! Great rehearsal tonight in Monticatini! What a trip!

That's a Wrap for Reaching Italy for Christ

The Reaching Italy for Christ Ministry Trip is a wrap! Grateful to God for some awesome times of ministry and world-class sightseeing with some world-class people! Thanks to all our Green Acres friends for making this truly the trip of a lifetime! What an appropriate ending tonight at the outdoor concert in Rome honoring and exalting the powerful name of Jesus!


Having a Blast In Italy

Having a blast on the Reaching Italy for Christ Ministry Trip to Italy with great friends Mike and Jo Parks and the awesome Green Acres Baptist Church Choir and Orchestra from Tyler, Texas!

God has opened some incredible doors of ministry on this trip with the 2 night crusade in Naples with Pastor David Dykes, doing concerts in Monticatini and Orvieto, exploring Cinque Terre, Pisa, Lucca, Florence, and now in Rome where we have toured the Colosseum, the Forum, Mamertine prison, all followed by a concert tonight at Sant’ Ignacio Di Loyola in Rome!
Thanks so much for your prayers! The Choir is alive and well in Italy!!





Great Couple of Days

An incredible couple of days on the Reaching Italy for Christ trip with great friends Mike and Jo Parks and the superb music ministry from Green Acres!
Grateful to God for his favor, blessing and anointing on this trip!
Concert to a packed house last night at the closing night of Christian Expo, went to Capri yesterday, did a concert at the Duomo in Orvietto today and…

On to Cinque Terra, Pisa and Lucca tomorrow, ending with an outdoor concert in Montecatini Terme. Appreciate your continued prayers!

Great Start in Italy

Grateful for another AWESOME DAY with wonderful friends Mike and Jo Parks and the incredible Green Acres Baptist Church Celebration Choir and Orchestra on the REACHING ITALY FOR CHRIST Ministry Trip!
We took a tour to Pompeii this morning and then ministered tonight at the MINISTRY EXPO at The Palapartenope Theatre in Naples to thousands in attendance!
God is at work in Naples through this great bunch of folks!
On to Capri tomorrow! Appreciate your prayers for continued ministry favor!

Worship Over Washington is a Wrap!

The Worship over Washington trip is a wrap! Grateful for a spectacular week of ministry, outreach, fellowship and sightseeing in our nations capital with the outstanding Bellevue Church Choir and Orchestra! These guys are the real deal!
Special thanks to wonderful friends Mark and Mardi Blair and Pastor Steve and Donna Gaines for their leadership! Also, special thanks to the Bellevue music staff and CCT team for their commitment to excellence and service in every way! Looking forward to next time!

Worship Over Washington Midweek Update

The past 2 days on The Worship Over Washington Ministry Trip with Mark and Mardi Blair and The Bellevue Choir and Orchestra have been incredible as the Lord has opened many doors of ministry!
Powerful concert at Kennedy Center with Sandi Patti, a concert at the World War 2 Memorial, had the opportunity see the Kennedy gravesites, the Changing of the Guard, dozens of monuments, while 4 gentlemen from Bellevue hang the wreath at the tomb.
All this will be topped off by tonight by The Capitol 4th Concert and President Trump’s Patriotic Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial.
Can’t wait for tomorrow… Concert at the Lincoln Memorial and lunch cruise around the Potomac! Thanks for your prayers!


Spectacular Start to Worship over Washington

A spectacular start to Worship Over Washington with wonderful friends Mark and Mardi Blair, Pastor Steve and Donna Gaines and the awesome, always incredible Bellevue Baptist Choir and Orchestra!
Picked up all 265 folks at the airport yesterday and checked them into the hotel, went to the House of Representatives last night for a wonderful teaching and worship time, on to Statuary Hall and The Rotunda for an incredible worship experience!
All this followed by a fabulous meal at the Capitol Hill Club!
Toured all the monuments this morning just arrived at the World War 2 Memorial for an outdoor concert with choir and orchestra! Tune in tomorrow for an update!
Concert tomorrow night at Kennedy Center with Sandi Patty! Appreciate your prayers for gods continued favor on this great adventure to our nations capital!
Special thanks to Congressman Mark Walker and Congressman Kustoff for their help in making this such a special experience!

Preparing For D.C.

So what does the Super Duper Celebration Concert Tours staff do the night before welcoming 275 of our closest friends to DC from Bellevue Baptist Church? Of course… Go to Chevy’s for Mexican food! Happy birthday to Cody!
Can’t wait for an awesome week in our nations capital!
If you’re anywhere near Washington DC, we invite you to come to Kennedy Center on Wednesday night to hear Sandi Patty and the awesome Bellevue Choir and Orchestra under the direction of the great Mark Blair!
For tickets go to