Lone Star Tour – Day 1

Great first day with Frank Boggs and the Georgia Festival Chorus on the Lone Star Tour! Dallas, Tyler, Austin, San Antonio, Lewisville, Fort Worth, Baylor…here we come!




First orientation for Christmas in the Holy Land!

Awesome time last night with great friends John and Paige Bolin and the extraordinary Worship Choir and Orchestra from Houston’s First Baptist Church! Had an informational/orientation meeting for CHRISTMAS IN THE HOLY LAND this December 27 through January 5 with the Bolin Brothers! Gonna be a life-changing trip for all of us! Can’t wait!

Great to have Ben Bolin, Joseph Bolin, Jeff Stotts and Rob Veal bringing their choirs as well on the trip!




Orientation for The Lone Star Tour!

Great time last night in Atlanta doing the final orientation for THE LONE STAR TOUR next week in Texas with the GEORGIA FESTIVAL CHORUS under the wonderful direction of Mr. Frank Boggs.

Dallas, Waco, Austin and San Antonio- here we come! Great to see Assistant Conductor, David Scott and Choir President, Bill Greer. Gonna be an awesome trip!



NYC Worship Project 2017 Announcement!

Awesome time last night with our great friends Tobin and Lynette Davis and the extraordinary Worship Choir and Orchestra at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego! We made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about The NYC WORSHIP PROJECT in April 2017, with their Pastor-Dr. David Jeremiah and some World-Class Christian Artists soon to be announced! The Choir and Orchestra will be ministering at Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Tab with a Flash Mob in Times Square! Can’t wait! On the Red Eye back to Nashville to be in the office by 9am. I LOVE my job!!!




Rehearsal with Sumner County Worship Choir for Ryman Concert!

Great time last night with our wonderful friend Giah Kress rehearsing with The Sumner County Worship Choir in preparation for The Music City Celebration at the Ryman Auditorium on April 26 featuring Travis Cottrell, Selah and the 150 voice Music City Celebration Choir! Gonna be great!



The Best of Italy 2017 Announcement – FBC Ft. Lauderdale

Incredible time tonight with my great friends John and Shari Jones and the awesome choir at FBC Fort Lauderdale! Made the Big Announcement about The Best of Italy trip in July 2017, partnering with Charles Billingsley, Dr. Ron Upton and the wonderful Worship Choir from Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa! Gonna be a great trip!






Bellevue Baptist Church – New York Worship Celebration 2016

Great day today with wonderful friends Mark and Mardi Blair and the awesome Worship Choir at Bellevue Baptist Church! Can’t wait for the New York Worship Celebration with the Bellevue Choir and Orchestra at Carnegie Hall with Natalie Grant on June 20th! Gonna be great!




Announcement for Rocky Top in the Big Apple!

Wow – what a night! Awesome time last night with great friends Jeff and Lisa Lawrence and Jason and Amy Breland, and their incredible choirs and orchestras, making the BIG ANNOUNCMENT about ROCKY TOP IN THE BIG APPLE! Gonna be great to see the Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Tab stages packed full of Knoxvillians from Concord Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church in June of 2017!!! Maybe we’ll break into a rousing chorus of Rocky Top!





Germantown Baptist Church – Worship in NYC 2017 Announcement

Awesome time last night with great friend Ron Norton and the Worship Choir from Germantown Baptist Church. Signed up a bunch of folks for Worship in New York with Phillips, Craig and Dean, Travis Cottrell and Marcia Ware in NYC at Carnegie Hall in May/June 2017! Gonna be great!
Really good to see long time friend Jim Watson, former minister of music at Germantown BC!



FBC Mableton, GA – Christmas in NYC 2017 Announcement

Really fun time tonight with my great friend Mike Anderson and his awesome Worship Choir at FBC Mableton, Georgia. Got a bunch signed up for the 7th Annual Christmas in New York in 2017 with Point of Grace and Charles Billingsley! Can’t wait! Would love to have you on this extraordinary trip!


Announcement for DC Worship Project 2017!

Awesome time yesterday with 3 great friends and their choirs announcing The DC Worship Project in September 2017- Tim Whedbee (Mobberly Baptist- Longview, TX); Herb Armentrout (Broadmoor Baptist- (Shreveport, La); and Brett Fuller (Summergrove Baptist -(Shreveport, La). Gonna be an extraordinary trip!



Announcement for Worship in New York 2017!

Awesome time tonight with my good friend Ken Atkinson and the wonderful choir from FBC Daytona Beach! 55 folks signed up for Worship in New York in May/June 2017 with Phillips, Craig and Dean, Travis Cottrell at Carnegie Hall!

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