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8th Annual Christmas in New York (Days 1-3)

8th Annual Christmas in New York (Days 1-3)

Wow! The first three days of the 8th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK has been an off the charts worship experience none of us will ever forget! Packed house last night at Carnegie as we celebrated and worshiped with Travis Cottrell, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, Marcia Wilder, Jenifer Thigpen and the awesome American Festival Choir!!!
Very special thanks to all the Ministers of Music and Directors who made it all happen! David Berryhill, First Baptist Church, Kilgore Texas; Dr. Stephen Muller, Liberty University, Lynchburg Virginia; Steve Holt, Central Baptist Church, College Station Texas; Josh Sullins, Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, Peachtree Corners Georgia; Angela Irby and Jud Hardage, The Heights Baptist Church Richardson Texas; Bart Starr, First Baptist Church Fisherville, Eads Tennessee; Alexis Cruz, ClearView Baptist Church, Franklin Tennessee; Arlene Nemhard, Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene, Bronx New York; Kristen Bergin, Saint Gregory The Great Academy, Hamilton Square, New Jersey; Robert Smart, First Baptist Church, Conroe Texas and Travis Cottrell, Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson Tennessee!
Today was a great day as we attended Brooklyn Tabernacle and had an awesome lunch cruise around New York Harbor!
Free day tomorrow!
Thanks for your prayers- the choir is alive and well and New York City!