“Choral and Worship Festival at Sea Cruise” 2019 – FBC Hendersonville Announcement

Great to be with wonderful friends Greg and Melanie Crane and the awesome choir at First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, Tn. last night to make the big announcement about the 1st Annual Choral and Worship Festival at Sea Cruise next March 2019! Gonna be awesome! Hope you can join us!
Here is a link for more info:

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Metro 3 – Orlando, FL

Great time today with wonderful friends at the Metro 3 Conference in Orlando! These guys are awesome!

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“Worship in the Holy Land” 2019 – Santuck Baptist Church – Wetumpka, AL Announcement

Awesome time today with great friends Matt Fallin and Pastor BR Johnson at Santuck Baptist Church in Wetumpka, Alabama! Made the big announcement about WORSHIP IN THE HOLY LAND in May 2019! Over 120 are already signed up from Crossgates Baptist Church in Brandon Mississippi with David Oliver! Can’t wait!

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Metro 1 – Dallas, TX

Awesome time today at Metro One with many of my heroes and best friends on the planet! These guys are the real deal and Sheri and I count it a great honor to work with each of them! Doran and Kristie Bugg did an extraordinary job putting this conference together at FBC Dallas!

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Worship at FBC Dallas

Great morning worshiping with our wonderful friend Dr. Doran Bugg and the awesome choir from First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas! Love these folks!

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Metro 2 – Pensacola, FL

Great day today at Metro 2 in Pensacola Beach with some of the finest Ministers of Music in the land! Awesome friends and partners in ministry… love these guys!

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“Worship in the Holy Land” 2019 – Crossgates Baptist Church – Brandon, MS Announcement

Great night last night with awesome friend David Oliver and the wonderful Worship Choir from Crossgates Baptist Church in Brandon Mississippi! Made the BIG REVEAL for WORSHIP IN THE HOLY LAND in May 2019. Great to have Pastor David Jett join us on the trip as well! Going to be a bunch of folks and a life-changing experience for all of us! Can’t wait!

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“Music and Ministry in Eastern Europe” 2019 – Heights Baptist Church – Colonial Heights, VA Announcement

Great time today with awesome friends Dale and Erin Wilbur and the great Worship Choir from the Heights Baptist Church in Colonial Heights Virginia! Made the Big Reveal announcement about their Ministry Trip to Eastern Europe in June 2019! Looks like a bunch of folks coming, including Pastor Randy Hahn and members of the congregation!
Also joining us on this trip will be Kenneth and Kristi Martin and the wonderful choir from First Baptist Church Milton Florida and Loren and Anita Minnick and their awesome choir from Foothills Baptist Church in Las Vegas Nevada. Still room for some more choirs! Join us! Can’t wait!

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“Choral and Worship Festival at Sea” 2019 – FBC Woodstock Announcement

An awesome night with wonderful friends Scott and Millie White and the incredible choir from First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA! Announced the Choral and Worship Festival at Sea in March 2019! Can’t wait for this first ever Choral Music Cruise to the Caribbean with choirs from all across America! Travis Cottrell, Cana’s Voice, TaRanda Greene, Geron Davis and Kindred Souls, Bradley Knight and our entire team invite you to join us!

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“Reaching Italy For Christ” 2019 – Green Acres Baptist Church – Tyler, TX Announcement

Awesome time today with great friends Mike and Jo Parks and the extraordinary choir and orchestra from Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler Texas! Had 400 people attend the launch meeting this afternoon for “Reaching Italy for Christ” – a ministry trip we are doing with Green Acres in July 2019! Can’t wait- gonna be an incredible ministry trip!!!
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Music City Celebration 2019 – Site Visit

Sheri and I just completed the site visit for the Music City Celebration Ministry trip to Nashville in October 2019!

Gonna be AWESOME!

Perform at the Ryman Auditorium for the 50th Anniversary of the Gospel Music Association, record in a Nashville Studio on Music Row, attend the GMA Dove Awards, visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum , enjoy a Panoramic Dinner Cruise along the Cumberland River!

Did I mention staying at the extraordinary Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center?!?

Below is a link for more info!…/Music-City-Celebratio…

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